Earthworks on Wheels

Coming Soon!

We are working hard to bring an exciting new project to our community. Our talented and hardworking earthworkers are coming to a garden near you!


What is Earthworks on Wheels?

Our earthworkers will be supported to provide a basic gardening service to vulnerable members of the community including; older people, low income families and people suffering from chronic illness. The earthworkers will also be involved in the maintenance and upkeep of public green spaces.  


Why Earthworks on Wheels?

The purpose of Earthworks on Wheels is twofold:

  1. The project will improve the confidence, self-esteem and self- worth of earthworkers by enabling them to help others in their community. This increased sense of self-worth will be enhanced by the development of applied horticultural skills and vocational experience.  Our earthworkers will be empowered to share and develop their skills in the community. Engaging with the wider public will improve community cohesion and raise awareness of the value of adults with learning disabilities. 
  2. We intend to reduce social isolation for vulnerable and older people by providing regular social contact and interaction with our friendly teams. Beneficiaries of the project will feel supported in their efforts to live independently, maintain their gardens and to remain in their homes, thereby benefiting the wider community. 

          The  gardening service will be provided free of charge to the recipients. 


How can I get involved?

Earthworks on Wheels is looking for sponsors. Could this be you or your company? 

Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more and to find out how you could become a sponsor of this enormously beneficial and high profile community project.  To contact us CLICK HERE

If you would like to become an earthworker  CLICK HERE

If you would like to help Earthworks on Wheels on a practical basis by becoming a support volunteer CLICK HERE


For further information on Earthworks on Wheels, please contact:

  • Earthworks by phone: 01727 847311 or 07981 052248.
  • Earthworks by email: contact us.