Our People

People at Earthworks

Many people have helped shape Earthworks  over the years, let's meet them below.

Earthworkers (Formally Trainees)

Earthworks offers weekday placements to people aged 16 years and upwards who have a learning disability and / or mental health problem. Our earthworkers receive work experience and informal training in horticulture, ecology and conservation, small-scale construction, wood work and crafts.

All earthworkers are instrumental in maintaining our beautiful garden, cultivating the fruit and vegetables in our market garden and allotments, selling to the public and building habitats around our ponds, meadow and woodland. They also go out as the Garden Contract team to work in the gardens and allotments of local people and schools and to clear local footpaths. Earthworkers never stand on the sidelines – they pitch in and get their hands dirty come rain or shine!

They also help Earthworks move forward. Earthworkers, along with volunteers, contribute their observations and ideas to Project Group meetings. Their feedback is taken to the Project Leaders and Trustees and informs the direction of development.

Not that it’s all work, work, work. Earthworks is as much about leisure and recreation as keeping the place ticking over. Many friendships have been formed over the years as the earthworkers, volunteers and staff swap stories and jokes or party away on Bonfire Night and at the Christmas bash.

If you or someone you know would like to become an earthworker please see the  Apply to Join section of the website or contact us.

School Children

Over the past few years, Earthworks has run special projects to allow local children with learning disabilities and special educational needs to learn more about gardening and nature and indirectly improve their self-confidence.

We have devised a range of successful activities which have included: tending for plants, scarecrow workshops, construction of a bug hotel and bug boxes, making bird food holders and pressing flowers so that the children can use them to decorate working clocks that they also build.


Earthworks is blessed with a very dedicated team of volunteers who work on site  in all weathers and give up their weekends to run fundraising stalls or to help out at events.

Without their drive, enthusiasm and commitment we would not be able to provide such a high quality service. This is not just “weasel words”, they work extremely hard without complaint and always remain upbeat, patient and enthusiastic.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please see the Volunteering section of the website or contact us.


Earthworks has grown from humble beginnings and now has an established staff team, including:

  • Bianca Badham (Joint Project Leader)
  • Stephen Pike (Joint Project Leader)
  • Fiona Gulliver (Administrator)
  • Michele Seymour (Project Coordinator)
  • Angelina Jenkins (Project Worker and Schools Project Coordinator)
  • Harriet Stebbens (Project Coordinator)
  • Ajani Palmer (Placement Project Worker)

Staff vacancies do arise from time to time so please keep visiting the Volunteering section of the website.

Working for Earthworks is immensely rewarding but very exhausting! As an organisation, Earthworks St.Albans is extremely fortunate to have committed, compassionate staff who put the welfare of Earthworkers at the top of their list of priorities.


The Earthworks trustees meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and determine business strategy and to consider new projects, initiatives and opportunities.

The Trustees discharge legal responsibilities for the charity and share their professional or personal expertise. All work collaboratively to ensure that Earthworks continues to provide the best possible service.

If you would be interested in joining the Trustees, please take a look at the Volunteering section of the website.

A big thank you to you, the people of St. Albans and further afield

We recognise how fortunate we are to have so much goodwill and help from people in St Albans and elsewhere in Hertfordshire.

We would publicly like to say a huge thank you to all the folk who: buy produce and products from the site and our stall at the Farmers’ Market, attend our fundraising events, commission our gardening services and make donations. It is a huge cliché but we would not be able to continue our work without your support.