By Paul Oliver

I recall Elisabeth used to come to the events notably, Earthworks Summer Fair, Halloween Parties, Christmas Parties.


I used to talk to her about walks I had done notably holidays I went on and the birds I have seen notably at Earthworks.

I also used to do country walks with Elisabeth in 1999 by River Mimram Welwyn to Dark Lane ford in the valley below Codicote.

And an East Herts country walk from Standon to Thundridge visiting several fords over the River Rib at Standon, Latchford, Hanging Wood, Barwick ford and Cold Christmas ford.


I had made some very nice friendships with other people who used to come to Earthworks there was a kind man called Marc who I had first made friends with back in 1998 Summer Scheme at College, I then continued meeting Marc on Passport To Leisure trips and Friendship Scheme. And at Earthworks I remember when he came to Earthworks back in 2004.


Marc made me happy here and at other groups he was gentle to me numerous times here.

Me and Marc used to go to Earthworks every Wednesday until 2005 When I started coming Fridays until present time.

In 2004 and 2005 Marc came to the Christmas Parties and it was a very pleasant time having Marc around.

Marc now lives in Norwich, Norfolk with his Aunty Judy.

But back in 2008 Friday 31st October Marc visited Earthworks and I had a nice reunion and shared good memories

It was also the day of the Halloween Party and Emma put face paints on Marc and again Marc was so kind to me.


I also had a 2 minute cloth fight with Phil at Halloween Party I also saw Elisabeth for the last time.

Elisabeth sadly passed away in November 2008.

I went to Elisabeth’s funeral at St Albans Cathedral and gave a good tribute speech to her at Cathedral.

Despite Elisabeth’s passing I have become friends with the rest of her family notably, Mary Lusby, Lisa Heller and Helen Hillman

The first time in 2009 I decided to hold an event originally called Elisabeth’s Day as she was the lady who started Earthworks and very important person.

It was Elisabeth’s Day until 2013 when in 2014 it was renamed Memorial Day in tribute to people and friends of Earthworks who had passed away.

Back in 2004 when I first came to Earthworks we had some learners from Watling View School

There was a young man who came in the group called Teighe but it was not until 2005 a miracle happened at Earthworks.

I said ‘Hello’ to Teighe and he responded to me Teighe said ‘Hello Paul’ and we shook hands together it was nice gesture I had from him.


Later in 2005, me and Teighe continued to meet up it cemented my friendship with him.

Teighe made me laugh like Marc did.

In 2009 he came to the Christmas Party..

In 2013 Teighe came to Elisabeth Day and he was exceptionally nice to me.

When it became Memorial Day in 2014 Teighe came again we planted a Welsh apple tree in Memory of Lynette Warren.

Lynette’s family came and planted some flowers floated tea lights on pond

I recall sitting next to Teighe also Mary Lusby came again and told her about my walks and places I visited.


Back in 1993 when the college held the Summer Scheme I became good friends quickly first with Daniel.

He came on the Summer Scheme at college from 1993 to 1997 when he moved to a college down in Somerset until 2003.

I made Daniel very happy on the scheme we always smiled at each other he had no other friends like me he had a lot of empathy he shared with me no one ever had the courage to walk over to him and shake hands and sign ‘Good Morning’ to Daniel.


When Daniel came back to St Albans.

But during 2004 during a Christmas fair at Earthworks while he was in hospital for lengthy period Daniel came with Barry Johnston and his Mum Roma he again smiled at me he seemed to sense I was the right person for him to have a friend like me again.

Several Summer Fairs Daniel used to come with Steve Hempsall and Roma in 2006.

He again was very pleased to see me.