Earthworks Grand New Build

7 October 2013


If you’ve visited the Earthworks site recently you will no doubt have seen that our new building is really taking shape. Compared to our previous old metal hut it looks more a like a beautiful grand hall! We are sure it will become an iconic part of Earthworks’ future and will hugely benefit both the organisation and our local community.


Rising up from the ashes of that devastating fire two years ago are grand oak beams and beautiful oak waney edge walls expertly crafted by the team from Harts of Oak (pictured above, left to right: Conner, Dean, our own Phil Maitland, Steve and John). This project has taken a little longer than expected but to see it take shape will make you realise just how special it is going to be. It is also a complex build using ancient techniques and materials, many of which have been painstakingly sourced at discount rates to ensure the build is brought in on budget!

There is still much work to do and we are continuing to fund raise to ensure that the project can be finished. Everyone at Earthworks is exceptionally grateful for the support that we have received from our local community and local businesses which is not only enabling us to re-build after a devastating fire, but is helping to build something very special. We cannot wait to show you the end result in the not to distant future! In the mean time we still need your support so if you can help out in any way by donating money, materials, or expertise we would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you!