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By Paul Oliver

I remember Sara Gentry used to come here she was good friends with Elisabeth a long time ago when Earthworks started back in 1995.

At Earthworks Halloween Party back in 2006 I remember Zoe came that year with Pam Robertson.

Zoe has been good friends with her son Ben as they both used to go to Watling View School together I have also been good friends with Zoe as I first remembered her when she used to go on the Summer Scheme at college back in 2001.

At Earthworks Halloween Party 2006 I remember Zoe dressed up as a rabbit and wore face paints at party.












Here is some photos of Daniel when I was on holiday scheme and at Weekenders back in 1990s Daniel had become happier with me as a great friend on Summer Scheme and Weekenders when Barbara ran it.

Here is a picture of Marc at Earthworks back in 2004 when he first came to Earthworks there was a lot of niceness and gentleness between me and Marc.
At Trinity Church we staged The Old Time Musical years ago I remember Fran came with Steve Hempsall and his young child.


Also Robert and Vikki with husband also came.



I remember Robert helped to do the barbecue at Summer Fair 2000

I remember I invited Teighe to the Earthworks Christmas Party in 2009 he used to live in Stotfold in Bedfordshire after he left St. Elizabeth’s College in Much Hadham. It was my first time I had seen Teighe since 2008. It had been Thursday December when there was a lot of snow which came that year.


I first met Elisabeth in 1990 she also did St Albans Self Advocacy Group and was also a campaigner against injustice and she started Earthworks. I used to go and visit Elisabeth when she lived at Gombards and we used to read maps together.

I started campaigning to get people out into the Countryside because I felt people do not venture into the great outdoors.

Going to the great outdoors helps people get fit and active instead of sitting in front of the television or people seeing people doing in by watching it the movies.