Our wishlist: everyday items and some more unusual

Donations help to save the charity valuable funds. We welcome donations of the following items:

Please note that we have a large stock of plastic plant pots and are unable to store more of these at this time. (We may take some very small 3-inch pots.)

Gardening items e.g. kneeling pads, terracotta pots, organic peat-free compost, tools in a good condition, secateurs, chicken manure, organic approved slug pellets, modular seed trays (small/medium sized only), plant labels, string / twine, wire, cable ties
Plants and seeds to plant out and / or sell
Stationery items e.g. pens, pencils, crayonspost-it notes, glue dots, blue-tack
Art and craft materials e.g. card making materials, stickers, paint brushes, PVA glue, glitter (bio-degradable), specialist paper and card, wire, string, tissue paper, stencils, poster paints
Paint and varnish please note, we can only accept water based paint
Woodworks items e.g. wood to be re-used (no chipboard or MDF please), cutter screws, nails, drill bits, sandpaper, spirit level, woodworking set square, linseed oil
Refreshments e.g. tea bags, decaffeinated coffee, sugar, herbal tea bags, sugar free / no added sugar fruit squash. (Please note that for health and safety reasons all consumables must be within their sell by/ best before/ use by date and be in an unopened packet)
Raffle prizes for our events (or items that we can gift when relevant, e.g. present to our Earthworkers at Christmas)
Habitat management equipment e.g. sampling quadrats, pond dipping equipment (nets, magnifying glasses, etc), dichotomous keys for a range of habitat species identification (e.g. pond, hedgerow, woodland)
Relevant educational materials
Personal protective equipment e.g. overalls, waterproof jackets and trousers, aprons, large t-shirts, tabbards, ear defenders, goggles, gardening and woodworking gloves, gauntlet gloves, new safety boots
Office supplies e.g. A4 printer paper, envelopes, sticky labels, whole sheet A4 labels
Bags paper and re-used plastic for our vegetable sales

Other relevant items will be welcomed.  We would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

Thank you!