Memorial Day 2016

By Paul Oliver

The Memorial Day went very well.

Roma came I paid a great tribute to my much missed friend Daniel with a wooden sculpture to represent two people being happy friends together.

IMG_0580   IMG_0604

We also looked at photos to do some reminiscing about Daniel and other people I have also been friends who I became good friends with a lady on the Holiday Scheme at College.

Although I had never met her at Earthworks I became good friends with a lady from 2001 to 2003 Holiday Schemes. I talked to Roma about having made friends with Katie Moore.

Notably on Summer Scheme 2002, Christmas Scheme 2002. It was this scheme when we went bowling in Hemel Hempstead by the end of 2002. I asked Katie “Who would you like to be with?” and Katie said “Me”.

Katie chose me.

Easter Scheme 2003 and Summer Scheme 2003 me and Katie had become great friends for a little while.

In the cinema me and Katie Moore sat next to each other side by side that showed me that Katie did like me.

After Summer Scheme 2003 Katie left to start Briar Patch and North Herts College in 2003.

Here is a picture of me and Katie being happy together.



At the Memorial Day. Mary Lusby came with her Grandchildren Dora and Evie.



I told her I went to visit Bromham in Bedfordshire where there is a mill and an old bridge over the River Great Ouse.

There are many old bridges spanning the River Great Ouse notably also at Harrold and Felmersham.

Several times at Memorial Days, Elisabeth’s other daughters Lisa Heller and Helen Hillman come occasionally not as much as Mary because they both live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Another man who really got on with at Earthworks was Jason Given. I recall he came on Summer Scheme 1996. Then Earthworks he was a quiet man but I got on very well with him.


He used to live in Wheathampstead, Stanborough in Welwyn Garden City and moved to Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

At Apple Day event at Shenley Park Frances, Richard and Sarah were there I remember when I came on Wednesdays I used to see Richard Massey in the morning and Sarah years later. Sarah now lives in Devon.