The Friends of Earthworks Scheme

The Friends of Earthworks scheme is aimed at people who have an ongoing interest in Earthworks St Albans and wish to make a financial contribution (as little as £10.00 per year) to help us continue our work.

Our “Friends” enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quarterly Newsletter – containing Earthworks news; recipes which use seasonal produce grown on site; gardening tips; details of products and services provided by our trainees and staff; and advertisements for forthcoming Earthworks events.
  • An invitation to the annual Friends and Volunteers summer BBQ – a chance to meet other like-minded people who contribute to Earthworks’ success and to enjoy delicious, free food and drink in our ornamental garden.
  • An invitation to Earthworks’ Annual General Meeting.
  • A small promotional gift such as a car sticker.
  • The knowledge that their gift will help Earthworks to ensure that local people of all abilities continue learning and working together now and in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a “Friend”, please download and complete the application form and return it, along with your donation, to the Earthworks address. (This can be found on our Contact Us page.)

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