Trainees at Earthworks

Earthworks is always keen to hear from potential new trainees!

Trainee Photo

All trainees who are interested in joining Earthworks must complete a standard application pack.

Please download the Application Pack, print out and complete all the forms and return them to the Earthworks office. You could also call / e-mail us and we will send you e-mail or paper copies of the Pack.

There are a few forms to fill in but we need to find out lots of information to decide whether we can meet your needs.

If we feel Earthworks might be right for you, we will invite you for a look around and a chat. You can bring a friend, parent, carer or social worker.

If you enjoy your visit, we will invite you for a “taster” day. This will help us get to know you and your needs, interests and background.

If the visit and “taster” day go well and we receive other bits of information, you will be offered a placement or you will be put onto our waiting list.

People who come to Earthworks as trainees pay for the support, training and opportunities they receive. You should ask your social worker to help you with any funding issues.

Everybody starting at Earthworks has a trial period. After this time we will sit down together and discuss how everything is working out. Hopefully, everything will be fine and you will become a permanent trainee.