Virtual tours and videos from our site

Climate Action Planning: Sharing Earthworks’ Experience

As part of St Albans Sustainability Festival 2022, we share our experience of awareness-raising, learning and planning for climate action, with our Earthworker community inspiring practical ways forward.

If you would like to view our 10-minute video with subtitles, open in YouTube, and select the subtitles option at the bottom of the video:

Earthworks: A Virtual Tour

Join us on a virtual tour of the beautiful Earthworks site, filmed in summer 2020.

Earthworks: A Slow Video

Watch a day unfold in our eco-gardens in our slow video.

The natural world supports our wellbeing. So slow down. Relax. Find inspiration in the rhythms of nature at Earthworks.

What we love about Earthworks

In this fabulous video our Earthworkers, staff and volunteers describe and show you all of the things they love most about Earthworks!