Volunteering with Earthworks

Earthworks values the role of volunteers. We recognise that everyone has a contribution to make. We want to encourage and enable volunteers to offer their enthusiasm, energy, skills and creativity to the charity and to support our earthworkers to maximise what they get out of each day. Our volunteer registration form will provide further information: 2017-volunteer-policy-and-registration

Volunteers are needed for the following areas:

  • Support Volunteer. Part of or a full day each week (9.30am-3pm) to support earthworkers with learning disabilities to gain the most out of their day at the Earthworks site. Activities may include garden maintenance and conservation work; fruit and vegetable production; log chopping; running craft activities; general cleaning, tidying and tea making.
  • Farmers Market Volunteers. Once a month, on the second Sunday of the month, Earthworks has a stall at the St.Albans Farmers Market opposite the Town Hall. We need volunteers to help on a regular or occasional basis to pick vegetables (7-8am), operate the stall and load/unload van (8am-2pm).
  • Other opportunities. People with specific skills are occasionally required to help with areas such as marketing, publicity, fundraising, legal matters, event organisation, training, running workshops etc. Please speak to us if you have an area of expertise that you think Earthworks would benefit from.
  • Team Building Days. We can offer a limited number of Team Building Days on site to companies. Please contact Earthworks separately for details of these opportunities.

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We would also like to hear from anyone who wants to organise collection days in town and at local venues or simply take part on the day. Alternatively occasional volunteers may wish to organise and run specific annual / bi-annual fundraising initiatives such as: coffee mornings, quizzes, sponsored sport events, jumble sales, black tie balls, etc.





We would also like to harness the creative skills of local artists who could lead inclusive craft workshops for our trainees.

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All occasional volunteers will receive the full support of Earthworks staff.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in volunteering with Earthworks, please contact us or download and complete an application form: 2017-volunteer-policy-and-registration