Our Earthworkers

Our Earthworkers

Earthworks offers weekday placements to people aged 16 years and upwards who have a learning disability, who are known as Earthworkers. Our Earthworkers receive work experience and informal training in horticulture, ecology and conservation, small-scale construction, woodwork and crafts.

At Earthworks we all work and learn together. Every Earthworker and volunteer contributes to maintaining our beautiful garden, cultivating the fruit and vegetables in our market garden and allotments, selling to the public and building habitats around our ponds, meadow and woodland.

Earthworkers also help Earthworks move forward. Along with volunteers, they contribute observations and ideas to quarterly Project Group meetings. Through the Project Leaders and Trustees, this feedback informs the direction of development.

Not that it’s all work, work, work. Many friendships have been formed over the years as the Earthworkers, volunteers and staff swap stories and jokes or party away on Bonfire Night and at the Christmas bash.

If you or someone you know would like to become an Earthworker, you can apply to join here.

A typical day at Earthworks

Activities at Earthworks change with the seasons. Tasks include growing fruit and vegetables, general gardening, mowing and strimming, country crafts, woodwork, bonfires, basic construction, chopping fire wood and kindling, making deliveries, selling produce and building wildlife habitats around our ponds, meadow and woodland. Whether you plant a single onion seed or paint a whole fence panel during the day, your contribution makes a difference.

There is also the chance to attend events to represent Earthworks, man event stalls, talk about Earthworks to community groups, and sometimes even appear on local radio. Our Earthworkers have a voice that is respected and appreciated in the wider community.

The staff and volunteers are always at hand to help Earthworkers enjoy their favourite jobs and learn new things. Everyone is supported to take part in a way that is most suitable for them. Although the jobs change, each day follows the same basic routine.


Earthworks Opens

Earthworkers and volunteers arrive at the site ready to start the first work session of the day. Staff members help people to get ready and support the group to start various jobs and activities.

Tea Break

After a busy morning it's time for tea! If the weather is nice we can sit out in the garden, otherwise we can warm up in the cosy Warren building beside the log burning stove. Everyone enjoys a cuppa and a chat together.

Back to Work

The second work session of the day begins as the group return to their activities or start new ones.

Lunch Break

Everyone has no doubt worked up an appetite following a busy morning out in the gardens! Now we can tuck into our packed lunches that we have brought from home, Earthworks will provide another hot drink. This is a nice time to socialise and have a catch-up with our friends too.

Afternoon Work Session

Back to work again! We might have a job to finish or we could start something new.

Home Time

Earthworks closes at 3pm. Earthworks staff help the group to get ready to leave. Some people like to fill out a daily diary sheet to record the jobs that they have worked on during the day then we change out of our muddy boots and make our way home.