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Spring has sprung!

We are busy in our eco-gardens preparing for the season ahead. Our site is blooming and we are busy sowing vegetable and flower seeds for our eco-gardens and our plant sale and open garden on 18th May. We hope to see you there!

yellow and orange daffodil flowers
An Earthworker in the gardens

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Climate Action Planning

Earthworkers, staff and volunteers are together developing a Climate Action Plan for Earthworks. As part of St Albans Sustainability Festival ’22, we showcased our Climate Action Planning. 


Climate change is now a very real threat. Evidence shows that more vulnerable people and those with a disability are likely to be more disadvantaged as a result, and that the voice and contribution of all is important. We already work sustainably, but a Climate Action Plan will work towards Earthworks being a carbon-zero organisation.

In March we ran climate action workshops to provide a space in which people can learn about climate change, discuss how they feel about it, celebrate the positive actions we already take, and generate ideas for further action in the areas of: energy, transport, food, waste, what we buy, and what we sell or give. Suggestions include reviewing our heating options, promoting use of public transport, a ‘healthy lunchbox for you and the planet’, sourcing non-plastic plant pots, water re-use in toilet flushing, and developing a purchasing and procurement policy that emphasises sustainable and ethical.


The next phase of the project is to prioritise actions and begin to put them into practice.