An Earthworker in our woodland looking into the camera

Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift that will help people grow

As a small charity, a legacy left to us makes a great impact. Every gift is very special to us. Every gift will be used wisely, effectively, and with respect.

Our vision is to be there for future Earthworkers, to offer a variety of purposeful work and nature-based crafts in our beautiful gardens, and to unconditionally include, nurture, and empower.

We support people with learning disabilities to care for our beautiful eco-gardens, and the gardens, in turn, care for them. We are unique in St Albans district.

If the time is ever right to leave a gift to Earthworks in your Will, all you need is our Registered Charity number: 1067139.

An Earthworker in a wheelchair smiling and talking with her family member

The care here runs deeper than what is visible. It is more meaningful, more impactful than can be measured

What can a gift in your Will do for Earthworks?

Our wildflower meadow with yellow buttercups

Habitats and produce

Your gift could build a native wildlife habitat or help our volunteers to care for our seasonal produce and grow together with Earthworks.

An Earthworker and a member of staff wearing hi-vis jackets working in the gardens

Clothes and equipment

Your gift could buy a uniform for an Earthworker to keep them warm and safe, or adapted tools to help people of all abilities care for their plants.

Five Earthworkers beside the Earthworks on Wheels van

Earthworks on Wheels

Your gift could empower Earthworkers to go into the community in our adapted van in order to care for the gardens of older people free of charge.

The Earthworks wooden lodge, called the Warren

The Warren

Your gift could pay for the upkeep of our beautiful eco-building, The Warren, the beating heart of Earthworks, where we eat, craft, sit by the fire, celebrate and talk together.

The benefits of leaving a gift in your Will

Not only is leaving a gift to charity in your Will beneficial to the charity (not to mention, gratefully received), there are additional benefits to you, and not only the sense of satisfaction and philanthropy that giving to charity brings.

Why do I need a Will?


Without a Will in place, you have no control over where your assets and hard-earned money ends up. Instead, this is left to the Rules of Intestacy (as set down by legislation) from which there is no deviation and in many cases isn’t the order of beneficiaries that you would choose. Not only are there the complexities that come without a Will, and complete loss of control, it can also leave children without legal Guardians in place until the Local Authorities are able to sort this through the Court system.


Having a Will in place that sets out exactly what you want, leaves no decision-making or guessing to your loved ones, and can help to prevent arguments and prolonged trauma, and make things a lot easier to administer at what is already a difficult time

Tax benefits


Gifts left to charities in your Will are exempt from inheritance tax. This means that your Estate does not have to pay tax on them and neither does the charity – win, win!


In addition, if you are leaving 10% or more of your Estate to charity, you can reduce your ENTIRE inheritance tax bill.


When you leave more than 10% of your Estate to charity, any inheritance tax you have to pay is reduced from the usual rate of 40% to 36%. This can be a massive saving.

An Earthworker in a wheelchair, holding a tray of gardening materials

Leaving a gift in your Will is easy to do

If the time is ever right to leave a gift to Earthworks in your Will, all you need is our Registered Charity number: 1067139.


You can use a solicitor to make or change a Will, or you can make a Will online. Your solicitor will be familiar with wording required to leave a gift in your Will. You don’t have to tell us that you’ve remembered Earthworks in your Will.


Did you know that, after giving to loved ones in your Will, you can even leave 1% of anything left over to charities?


There can be tax benefits of leaving a gift in your Will.


If you make the decision to leave a gift in your Will for Earthworks, from all at Earthworks, thank you.


A gift in memory


You are also able to leave a gift in memory of a loved one, or ask for gifts in lieu of flowers.


Contact us

Whether you’ve made a decision, or would like to see Earthworks in action, or would like further information, you can email Kate at [email protected]

I feel safe here. I don’t get bullied here. It’s like a utopia here. When you’re here, everyone gets on with each other. If more people had work like this, it would be better for people. Earthworker